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August virtual general meeting video

August 2020 General Meeting chat and agenda Chat Log 00:07:19.398,00:07:22.398 John Coyle: 00:11:54.877,00:11:57.877 John Coyle: 00:12:14.193,00:12:17.193 Nellie Catzen: 00:12:32.367,00:12:35.367 John Coyle: We will be sharing theRead More

June virtual general meeting video

June 2020 General Meeting chat and agenda[UNIQID] Chat Log 00:05:14.969,00:05:17.969 Jordan Sacks: 00:06:03.553,00:06:06.553 MCNO President: 00:10:34.859,00:10:37.859 MCNO President: 00:12:53.569,00:12:56.569 Laura Mellem: 00:29:22.079,00:29:25.079 Stephen Mosgrove: More