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August virtual general meeting video

August 2020 General Meeting chat and agenda Chat Log 00:07:19.398,00:07:22.398 John Coyle: 00:11:54.877,00:11:57.877 John Coyle: 00:12:14.193,00:12:17.193 Nellie Catzen: 00:12:32.367,00:12:35.367 John Coyle: We will be sharing the schematic designs for the plaza at the meeting tomorrow! 00:12:40.467,00:12:43.467 John Coyle: Hope to see you all there to get your feedback! 00:15:52.389,00:15:55.389 Pete: TheRead More

June virtual general meeting video

June 2020 General Meeting chat and agenda[UNIQID] Chat Log 00:05:14.969,00:05:17.969 Jordan Sacks: 00:06:03.553,00:06:06.553 MCNO President: 00:10:34.859,00:10:37.859 MCNO President: 00:12:53.569,00:12:56.569 Laura Mellem: 00:29:22.079,00:29:25.079 Stephen Mosgrove: 00:29:47.120,00:29:50.120 MCNO President: Phase II Announcement tomorrow 00:32:22.516,00:32:25.516 MCNO President: 00:33:16.413,00:33:19.413 MCNO President: 00:33:42.311,00:33:45.311 MCNO President: 00:34:37.042,00:34:40.042 MCNO President: 00:36:35.644,00:36:38.644Read More

January 2020 Meeting moved to Tuesday 1/14

We’ve decided to move our monthly meeting to Tuesday 1/14 at Warren Easton in order to not conflict with people’s availability for the CFB National Title game that night, and the expected low turnout it would have caused. Currently working to secure the presenters for the meeting that will focus around Carnival 2020, public safety,Read More

Notice of proposed bylaw changes for 2019

This is the organizational notice of proposed revisions, removal and reorganization of this organization’s bylaws. There are 20 substantive revisions to the Bylaws (and a few clerical revisions where changing one bylaw number requires changing the following numbers). These are mostly clarifying in nature, such as itemizing specific definitions (proxy votes, for example) or separatingRead More