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Hyper-Local Artist Refurbishes Mid-City Signs

Big thanks to Mid-City local artist Madeleine Faust who refurbished the 5 Mid-City signs that mark the entry to our fantastic neighborhood. Ms. Faust was the original creator of out Mid-City logo and takes real pride in the appearance of the neighborhood. She is also the artist behind the Mid-City Totem pole at the cornerRead More

MCNO Board Position on Two Mid-City Demolitions

The New Orleans Neighborhood Conservation Districts Committee meeting will be held Monday, June 17, 2013 at 2:00 at City Council Chamber (1300 Perdido Street). Several Mid-City Properties will be considered on Monday’s NCDC agenda. MCNO has received overwhelming support for the City Code Enforcement recommended demolition of two properties which appear on next week’s agenda. TheRead More

MCNO Board Nomination

MCNO Board Elections will be held on January 14th at our regular neighborhood meeting which is held at Warren Easton High School, from 6:30-7:30 (Second Monday). If you would like to nominate yourself, or someone you know for the MCNO Board, please send your nomination to or complete the following form. Anyone who livesRead More

City Planning Commission Is on OUR SIDE

Regarding the recent LAM-KING request for billboards in the Tulane Inner Urban Corridor District Design Overlay (IUCD), City Planning Commission took a stand and unanimously opposed the request citing the purpose of the IUCD to maintain and preserve the integrity of our neighborhood. For more information you can read the excerpt below: .

MCNO Official Position on Billboards

MCNO has submitted a formal position to the City Planning Commission to oppose the requested amendment to the Inner City Urban Corridor District Design overlay.  The amendment was to permit General Advertising Signs adjacent to I-10, with applicable standards. The MCNO Board found this amendment to be vague and limitless. Given the positive impact ofRead More

BioDistrict Meeting on Wednesday Requires Mid-Citizen Attendance

Over the past couple of years, through local efforts, the BioDistrict has been largely stymied from going forward with it’s masterplan that includes the historic residential areas of Mid-City and Gert Town – and the industrial side of Zion City. The BioDistrict was created in the summer of 2005 and is a political subdivision ofRead More

MCNO requests District B Interim Council Member Be Appointed

The following request will be sent to all New Orleans City Council Members: A large portion of the area represented by the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (“MCNO”) is situated within the boundaries of District “B.” The citizens of District “B” have been without a Council Representative since Ms. Head was sworn into the at-large council positionRead More