Blight and Code Enforcement

To report a blighted property, residents should call 311.

  • After the Department of Code Enforcement issues a code enforcement violation on a property, a public hearing is held where property owners are commanded by law to appear at the Code Enforcement Hearings Bureau and bring printed evidence of any work in progress or completed work to bring the property into compliance with the City code.
  • Hearings are open to the public, and MCNO encourages community members with any relevant information about a property or property owner to attend the hearing for that property and offer testimony. Neighbors are most directly affected by blighted conditions and thus neighbors who attend hearings can really change outcomes in Code Enforcement Hearings. More about the City’s blight fighting process is available on their website
  • To find out information about individual properties, add properties to a “watchlist” to receive real-time email alerts as cases progress, visit (Currently unavailable since the city hall system hack 12/2019)
  • To contact the Department of Code Enforcement for hearing information: (504) 658-5050 .
  • To report abandoned or blighted property to MCNO, contact We do not handle blight enforcement for residents; rather this is for our record keeping purposes.
  • Report tall grass, rodents, vagrants, and other environmental health issues to the City Health Department by dialing 311, or in person at 1300 Perdido Street, Room 8E18 or online at
  • For suspicious activity (vagrants, drug deals, etc.) associated with a property use the Non-emergency Police Number – 821-2222.
  • To contact the Police District:
    First District – Phone 658-6010, fax 658-6342, 501 N. Rampart St.
    Third District – Phone 658-6030, fax 658-6249 – 1700 Moss St.

Properties in Mid-City on Upcoming Code Enforcement Dockets

To view the City’s Code Enforcement Hearings calendar, click here. To receive email reports on the status of a blighted property, check the blightSTATUS. There, you can search for blighted properties and track their status as they go through Code Enforcement Hearings. (Currently unavailable since the city hall system hack 12/2019)