Mid-City Security District

Mid-Citizens know the benefits of an increased police presence and have created the Mid-City Security District (MCSD) to make our neighborhood safer.

After a 70% majority vote, the MCSD became a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana in 2008 and was renewed in 2014. Since the MCSD became effective in 2009, crime rates in our neighborhood have dropped significantly. Current Legislative statute

The MCSD is governed by a a board of five commissioners, all of whom live in the district and have full voting privileges on matters brought before the board. Commissioners are decided by appointment. MCNO appoints four of the five commissioners, one of whom must be from the City Park Triangle area, and Parkview Neighborhood Association appoints one.

The Mid-City Security District Board meets every third Wednesday at 6:00 P.M., either virtually or at various locations within the District.  Check the MCSD website <https://midcitysecuritydistrict.org> for location, agendas and other information.

You can contact the Board of Commissioners via email.

Current MCNO Commissioner appointments

Mary Moises
Wendy Laker
Dr. David Beran (City Park Triangle appointment)
Alvin Williams, Jr.