NOLA Wise- Holiday Homeowner Energy Showcase

Have you been putting up with a drafty home and cold floors for too long?  As the temperature outside cools, so does the temperature of your home.  Many of us are forced to bundle up at night or face drastically high heating bills. Homes and buildings in these situations are greatly in need of NOLA Wise, the City of New Orleans’ energy efficiency program.
NOLA Wise provides wrap around project management and quality oversight for your home weatherization projects. We train and identify local contractors who will upgrade your home to be more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient. We also make sure that you access all of the available incentives and offer a special low interest loan from Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank, both of which help to decrease the upfront cost of an energy retrofit.
Interested in seeing a NOLA Wise home in action?  Want to speak with the team and our contractors about your home? On Thursday, December 13th, our Holiday Homeowner Energy Showcase will take place in the Marigny! This open house event gives neighbors a chance to see the home performance upgrades and learn firsthand how to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.  Retrofit viewing will be accompanied by light refreshments and festive sweaters are encouraged!

NOLA Wise Holiday Homeowner Energy Showcase
Thursday, December 13th at 5:30pm-7pm
2406 Burgundy
For questions and more information please contact Monica Rowand at
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