June Neighborhood Meeting – Central Topic: Blight and Revitalization

Download the June 13, 2011 Neighborhood Meeting Agenda.

Mid-City Market:

That you to everyone who was able to make it out to the June Neighborhood Meeting. We had an presentation from the developers which sparked some excellent questions and comments from our neighbors which will help drive the planning process of the development. If there was anyone who was not able to make comments at the meeting, please feel free to send an email to president@mcno.org with the subject heading “Mid-City Market” and we will be sure to pass on your questions or comments to the developer. If you are interested in learning more about the project as MCNO continues to negotiate and facilitate discussion between the developers, Friends of Lafitte Corridor, the Neighborhood and the City, please send an email to the same address above and we will include you in our mailing list, OR stay tuned to our website and we will continue to post updates.  Fox 8 was there to report on neighborhood concerns.

New Orleans Office of Neighborhood Engagement:

Westley Bayas the Director of the City’s new Office of Neighborhood Engagement explained the City’s process for Blight remediation including the IMAP program which offers funding for one time remediation of properties identified as violating the City statutes for code enforcement. He also discussed the process and time table for addressing blighted property and reporting code enforcement violations from beginning to end, including fines, leins issued against the property, and sheriff sale auctions. More information on that process is provided in a document provided by Com. Stacy Head’s Office.  Other information is available on the Code Enforcement Resource List.

Westley Bayas III, Deputy Director
Office of Neighborhood Engagement
Phone: 504-658-4972
Email: wbayas@nola.gov

Revitalization in Mid-City:

Several non-profits spoke on their efforts to renovate and rebuild in Mid-City.  MCNO Director of Housing, Adrian Manriquez, has created a map to show the efforts of three of these non-profits and their direct effect on the neighborhood.  Resources were also made available for Historic Renovation Tax Credits.  MCNO is starting a new “Dirty Dozen” campaign to eradicate blight.  Neighbors are encouraged to submit addresses and pictures of blighted houses and MCNO will report 12 properties a week to code enforcement. We will also be posting these houses to the MCNO website and following the progress of each house through hearings and remediation.

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