Drug Bust

Last night, our good Capt. Colin staged a drug bust at 3031 Banks Street.
Six people were arrested. A shotgun, pistols, cash, pot and 75 rocks of crack were seized. This was combined effort of DEA, FBI and NOPD.
Capt. Colin gets a big round of applause. Standing ovation.
Capt. Colin and I are working on bringing civil actions to shut down drug properties and to force the owners to post bond of up to $10,000 as insurance to prevent the property owner from continuing to rent to criminals.
However, in order to make a case against these landlords, we need your assistance.
At 3031 Banks, despite Capt. Colin receiving numerous complaints about the property which led to this undercover operation and raid, when he went NOPD’s complaint register he found only one call. He was very surprised.
In order to put on a case against the bad landlords, Capt. Colin has asked that you notify him, but also that you call NOPD’s non-emergency number to report drug activity, prostitution or whatever criminal acts that you might see — however minor.
We need a record of complaints to introduce into evidence in court.
The number to call is 821-2222.

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