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Hyper-Local Artist Refurbishes Mid-City Signs

Big thanks to Mid-City local artist Madeleine Faust who refurbished the 5 Mid-City signs that mark the entry to our fantastic neighborhood. Ms. Faust was the original creator of out Mid-City logo and takes real pride in the appearance of the neighborhood. She is also the artist behind the Mid-City Totem pole at the corner of Carrollton and Canal near Juan’s Flying Burrito. Three Cheers for another fantastic job! Thanks Madeleine!

2 responses to “Hyper-Local Artist Refurbishes Mid-City Signs”

  1. diane

    love the signs — but the sign at Orleans and N Carrollton is really in Parkview Neighborhood

    unfortunately Parkview gets included in Mid City which is okay in some aspects but causes confusion with Preservation Resource Center handouts of historical neighborhoods and us historical/geography fanatics —- the boundary for Parkview and Mid City is the old railroad track/ where the new Mid City market is developing (to the south) and Bayou St John to the east— to the west it is the apex by the cemeteries on City Park Ave; also verified by urban Planning Dept huge city map at UNO (use to be in that dept’s wall but who knows where that dept is now?)

    there is a small Parkview Assoc. but it only includes a small sliver of Parkview residents and causes confusion — because the rest of us sometimes think that includes all of us in Parkview —it doesn’t. In fact I do not believe their boundaries are totally in Parkview but maybe in Faubourg St John but guess they can do whatever they want — they seem to be nice enough people and just seemingly want to stay small (and perhaps manageable)

    thanks for the beautiful signs — now where in the world am I (just kidding)

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