Mid-City Winn Dixie Development on Carrollton

Preliminary Rendering by Developer

Sterling Properties, the owner/developer of the property on Carrollton between Bienville and St. Louis St have announced their plans to finally develop this long blighted area of Mid-City. Anchored by a WinnDixie Market this area which was once Bohn Ford and Harry’s Ace Hardware will be a “neighborhood shopping center”. MCNO board members (Jennifer Farwell, President; Jeff Craig, Zone D Captain; Valeton Dansereau, Zone E Captain) have met with the developers and VergesRome Architects (located on 320 N. Carrollton Ave) and MCNO, along with Friends of Lafitte Corridor (FOLC), are working with Sterling Properties representatives to guide the design and site plan.
Thus far, Sterling Properties has been receptive to a number of our concerns, including delivery truck routes and relocating the main entrance. MCNO, FOLC, and the Urban Conservancy are working together to come up with a common list of requested considerations, including preference for local vendors and a more bike and pedestrian-friendly layout, that will be appropriate and supportive of the efforts to transform St. Louis Street into the Lafitte Greenway.
Representatives have accepted our invitation to attend and present their plans at the next MCNO Neighborhood Meeting on June 13, 2011 at 6:30PM. The theme of this meeting is Blight and Revitalization and other speakers and presentations will be made concerning this topic.
Sterling Properties has provided us with a tentative site plan and conceptual drawings, although they have stated that these plans are not final as of today.  Sterling Properties has posted some information to their Mid-City Market Leasing Website. You can also view their Mid-City Market Leasing Specs or the current Mid-City Market Site Plan. All of these documents are in the design phase and are subject to change.

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