Who Says We're Having Too Many Meetings?

There are a number of important planning meetings coming up this week.

  • Tuesday, August 1st
    Unified New Orleans Plan Meeting
    Pavilion of Two Sisters at City Park
    4-6PM: Interview Planners
    6PM-9PM: Presentations from Planners
    Note: to vote for a planner you need to register.
  • Thursday, August 3rd
    UNOP Planning District Four Meeting
    Grace Episcopal Church (3700 Canal Street)
    7-8 PM
    Members from the various neighborhoods in Planning District 4, including Mid-City, will discuss criteria for choosing a planner, as well as which of the planners best fit our criteria.
  • Saturday, August 5th
    Presentation by planner Clifton James about some of his ideas for rebuilding Mid-City
    Grace Episcopal Church (3700 Canal Street)
    10 AM-? (I imagine this will be an hour or two, depending on questions)
  • Saturday, August 5th
    Following Mr James’ presentation, the recovery committees will endorse the top three planners and put these on the MCNO website and distribute the list to the MCNO Yahoo group. This choice will be based on the planner’s presentations and interviews Tuesday August 1st, research on each committee, as well as input from Thursday’s District 4 meeting and the online yahoo poll about planners (Thanks to Doug Pease for setting that up).
  • Monday, August 7th
    The voting deadline for your UNOP planner is 5 PM.
    Also, we’ll have our weekly Mid-City Recovery Committees meeting at Grace Episcopal Church (3700 Canal Street), 6:30-8 PM
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