We LOVE Endymion

City and State Ordinances You Need to Know for Mardi Gras Season
1. Don’t bring a gun to a parade. Louisiana Revised Statute 14:95.1.1
2. You can’t rope off public property which includes sidewalks and the neutral ground.  If you OWN property and want to fence off an area to protect it from being trampled, you must notify the Parkway and Park Commission at least 30 days prior to the date of a parade in writing with a drawing of the area and enclosure device.  Section 34-32 of the Municipal Code: Roping off Areas
3. Ladders shall be placed as many feet back from the street curb as the ladder is high.  Section 34-33 of the Municipal Code:  Ladders
4. It is unlawful for a person to throw any objects at a float or any participant in a parade. Section 34-29  Throw Backs
MCNO hopes that Mid-Citizens have a great time at Endymion and other events throughout the carnival season.
See you there!

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