Victory on the Agenda

April 2nd is the first Monday of the month, and that means it’s time for our regular Mid-City Recovery Action Meeting: 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal St.
The story in the paper has generated a lot of discussion. We hope it generates a lot of new faces at Monday’s meeting.
A substantial (45 – 60 minutes) portion of the meeting will be dedicated to discussion of Victory’s plans for the Bienville – Toulouse, Jeff Davis to Carrollton corridor, as well as what we understand about the Carrollton to N. Solomon portion (this is between Bienville & St. Louis), including:

  1. Providing the background and timeline of what MCNO has learned about Victory’s plans and how we have engaged them in considering the neighborhood’s vision for the area.
  2. Discussing the 2 different plans that have been presented by Victory to date.
  3. Our efforts to poll the existing businesses in the area.
  4. The support we have gained from Councilmembers Head & Midura’s offices regarding respecting the neighborhood plan.

In light of the large amount of information that we have to discuss, we encourage everyone to take a few minutes to read the Mid-City Recovery Plan and the Mid-City Rebuilding Plan [PDF 16MB] by Lambert & Associates. There are references throughout that apply to this specific area of Mid-City (Lindy Boggs, Industrial Corridors, Lafitte Greenway etc).
Lastly, invite your neighbors to join us Monday night. Of course, we have other business we will discuss as well.

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