Tulane Ave Initiative

The Mid-City Business Association has started an initiative to clean up Tulane Ave and they have already made a noticeable impact. This weekend, that progress was highlighted in a series of articles published by the Times Picayune.
Once-bustling Tulane Avenue is a hub for prostitution and crime, hindering its revival, August 9, 2013
Even as new Mid-City hospitals rise, Tulane Ave’s past hinders its renaissance,¬†August 10, 2013
New Orleans’ Tulane Avenue real estate market heating up, but not as fast as some expected, August 10, 2013
In the era of social media, Tulane Avenue’s streetwalkers are a relic of the past, August 10, 2013
A one-night stay at the Capri Motel: ‘It’s a rowdy crowd sometimes’, August 10, 2013

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