Street Work in Zone F is Progressing

What residents thought was just a bit of work to patch some pot holes in Zone F bounded by Canal, Carrollton, Tulane, and Jefferson Davis has turned into a complete street repair. Boh Brothers first posted no parking signs a few weeks ago to repair some of the street including S. Pierce, S. Cortez, S. Scott and S. Telemachus, but recent progress has shown that the City had a bigger plan in mind. Sidewalk corners have been taken out and reframed for what residents expect to be ADA accessible curb cuts. Areas of D’Hemecourt and Baudin between Carrollton and Jefferson Davis Parkway have been marked for new sidewalks where none existed before.
Some residents are annoyed by the no parking status which changes every day and is hard to keep track of, but many are relieved to see the City take some initiative on our neighborhood infrastructure. MCNO made a few calls to the City to get the full scope of the project in our neighborhood, but have not heard back. Oh well, for now we will just count our blessings!

Curb cut construction at the corner of S. Pierce and Baudin

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