Self-Storage in the Cemeteries

Mid-City Neighborhood Organization will host a meeting with Dorsey Development on Thursday, July 5th at Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal Street, 6:30p.
Everyone interested in hearing Dorsey’s plans for a self-storage in the Cemeteries is welcome to attend.
The lot in question is the vacant lot on the Lakeview side of City Park Avenue at Canal Boulevard, where a gas station was located about 10-15 years ago, next to Canal Blvd Automotive, on the same block of Canal Boulevard as McNulty’s, the Bulldog and Dolly’s Deli.
This is the second open meeting with Dorsey Development and Cemeteries’ residents, LCIA, MCNO and other residents of Mid-City and Lakeview. The concerns already voiced to Dorsey are: the need for a low-traffic business, keeping the area clean and trash-free, security and the building’s appearance and height.
The lot is zoned C-1 General Commercial. For an understanding of the zoning, here’s the link to the city’s web site.
On that web page, there’s a map of the intersection with the zoning overlay. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a link “General Commercial”. Click that link.
(Yes it’s a lot to read and understand.)
Please share this meeting notice with your friends and neighbors who are not on these email lists.
This proposal has sparked a lot of emotion. We hope that the meeting will help answer everyone’s concerns.

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