Seeking Nominations for Security District Board Commissioner

The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization is seeking nominations of qualified candidates to serve as a Commissioner on the Mid-City Security District (MCSD) Board of Commissioners. All responses should be sent to our Vice President (, who is the MCSD liaison for MCNO, by January 28th at Noon, following the outline below.
The Mid-City Security District was created in November 2008 by a vote of the eligible voters residing within the boundaries of the MCSD. It is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners. One of the current Commissioners is moving and will no longer meet the eligibility requirements. Since this Commissioner was appointed by MCNO, in accordance with the legislation enacting the MCSD, MCNO will appoint the replacement Commissioner. Detail of the MCSD are available at
Roles & Responsibilities:
• Commissioners serve a three-year term.
• Time requirements estimated at up to two hours per week, including: attending the monthly public meeting of the MCSD Board, accepting a functional role within the board and any work that is decided upon and assigned during the Board meeting. In special cases, more than one meeting can occur in a month.
• Board members are not compensated (this is a volunteer appointment)
• At least two Board members must sign every check.
• Board members must abide by the bylaws of the district.
• Meetings follow the democratic rules of order.
• Board members do not direct the actions or work of the New Orleans Police Department, but are often liaisons for information between citizens and the police.
Qualifications for Nominees:
• Reside in the district and be a qualified voter in the district.
• Must have a strong interest in improving the safety and security of the area.
• Must be able to communicate with the public, act in an open-minded and inclusive manner, and must be able to work as a team.
• Must not have any conflicts of interest which would prevent them from behaving in an ethical and transparent manner.
Submit the following information to to nominate yourself or someone else. If nominating someone else, please confirm that they are willing to accept the nomination.
Are you a registered voter within the boundaries of the MCSD?
Are you qualified and interested to serve as an MCSD Commissioner in accordance with listed information?
Please provide a brief listing of your qualifications, including any specific skills/expertise that you bring to the position (up to 200 words)
Thank you,

Jennifer Farwell
President, MCNO

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