Redistricting Debate Ends in Success for Mid-City

After working long into the evening, the City Council passed a new redistricting map. Early on in the afternoon, it became evident that MCNO’s relentless advocacy had borne fruit, as all five District Council members presented amendments that put City Park and the area between St. Louis and City Park back into District A, where they belonged.
The Mid-City Neighborhood is still located in Districts A and B, but that was inevitable, as it was impossible to redraw the maps otherwise given that District B was perfectly sized and needed no changes.

When MCNO left the Council Chambers at 6pm, there was significant disagreement between several Council members, and two neighborhoods – Faubourg St. John and Fairgrounds Desaix – were both asserting they HAD to be in a District with the Fairgrounds, but both were in different Districts in all plans and amendments.  Amazingly, the final map published to the City’s Website shows that most residents around the Fairgrounds were brought into District A.  It must have taken a herculean effort on the part of the City Council to accomplish this at the last minute.  Please consider taking a minute to thank the City Council for their hard work and respect for the concept that neighborhoods should not be legislatively, as well as physically, kept intact.  For more information, please contact Jennifer Farwell,

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