PAP Meeting Constructive

Over two dozen attended the Palmyra Area Partners meeting on Wednesday, December 13 at Bayou Coffee House. District B councilwoman Stacy Head was in attendance, as well as DNA Media, the group putting together the multi-million dollar community center at Comiskey Park for Mid-City. The group was encouraged to attend the MCNO Membership meeting Sunday, December 17 at Rock N Bowl.
Brief notes are included here for your perusal.
Palmyra Area Partners Meeting – 12-13-06
DNA Media (Ruth & Roy) on Comiskey Park Community Center

Donation turned into a National TV series (Extreme Makeover-type)
Television set to launch 2nd anniversary of Katrina, going 6-8 weeks (hour-long show)
Construction will take about 14-weeks once everything is approved
Sponsors want NBA type court included along with:
Commercial/Industrial kitchen
Fully stocked computer lab
Town hall meetings required to ascertain what we’re looking for
Police substation at the facility is a possibility
Donors/sponsors will not place restrictions on what we put there
Prelim design – 15,000-18,000 sq ft
DNA has worked with NORD on project. NORD wants field space.
Community center built on the front part of lot (Jeff Davis) with green space at back


Parking? Raise building? All possible.
Community decides what plan will be like (within reason)
What do donors want? Television advertising, maybe a cornerstone or logo, but
banners and large advertisements not to be done.
What’s the timeline? City has been notified. Plans will have to be drawn up, etc.
Template of what is best for us is what we need. It should come from community at
Project contact:
Want perpetual film rights (anniversaries of Katrina, etc.)

Stacy Head

Fancy pothole truck will be online in January.
Report SWB pothole problems to 3-1-1
Slum lords – email Carla Parker
Group to handle these problems is Safety and Permits.
Identify property owners
Form a task force to identify properties, get word out to media to create a so-
called “wall of shame”
Endymion to be discussed at city council meeting
Final Endymion say-so lies with city council
Street signs to be replaced in January in District B
2nd automatic trash pickup? Three contractors let. Richards Disposal has
Uptown. Register for bin online at City of New Orleans website. Should start January 2nd. Recycling is promised sanitation department by 2008. Stacy is pressing for a change to size of cans, but only a 96-gallon can is available.
Good neighbor program – Hearings have begun. If they keep at the current
sked, it would take close to 10-years! Process goes remarkably smoothly. How do we know when they have been cited? No one knows. Try 3-1-1.

Security district – Paul Stark

Crime prevention district proposed for Mid-City, like the one in Lakeview. Process has to start with state representative. Paperwork has to be in by April, 2007, passed by state in fall of 2007, will start in January, 2008. Fee basis might be best. One Mid-City New Orleans is heading this up. Paul’s email address is .

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