NPP Meeting: 601 S. Clark

Neighborhood Participation Program Meeting
601 South Clark St.

Tuesday, April 5


March 21, 2022 

Lewis Automotive and Tire Repair Service 601 South Clark Street New Orleans, LA 70119 

Dear Neighbor, 

My company, Lewis Automotive and Tire Repair Service, Inc. opened for business in February, 2008 at 4243 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA, 70119. We serviced the surrounding neighborhood community for 12 years at that location until we were notified that the building had been sold and our lease would not be renewed. On January, 2021, Lewis Automotive and Tire Repair Service relocated to 601 South Clark Street, New Orleans, LA, 70119. Our new space was approximately one mile in proximity from our original location. We want to make it known that the prior tenant at 601 South Clark from 2017-2019, was non-compliant and was cited for multiple zoning violations. Lewis Automotive has never been affiliated in any way with this former lessee and this business vacated the 601 South Clark location over two years ago. The building incorporating 3501/3511 Tulane and 601/603 South Clark Street transferred to new ownership through succession in 2019. 

Our present site is located in the MU-1 Medium Intensity Mixed-Use Zoning District, which vehicle repair facility as a permitted use, but is also subject to the HUC Historic Urban Corridor Use Restriction Overlay District ( as found in Article 18, Section 18.5.B.6), which requires conditional use approval for a minor motor vehicle repair facility use. The site was formerly zoned in a C-1 District. We currently have a beautiful 4,260 square foot facility including office and warehouse space. On street parking is provided and no variance or waivers are required. For the past 14 years, Lewis Automotive has always complied with all the Rules, Regulations and Procedures of the city of New Orleans and have never been cited or fined. We strive personally and professionally to be good neighbors. Because you are a nearby neighbor, or otherwise interested in the neighborhood, I am inviting you to a virtual meeting where you can learn more about our services, our location and our contributions to the neighborhood and community. We also would like to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our application has to be heard by the City Planning Commission and the City Council and we are required to do this before we submit our application to the City Planning Commission. 

The virtual meeting will take place on: APRIL 5th at 6:30 pm/CST.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 504-309-2167


Collins Lewis
Lewis Automotive

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