Notes from Neighborhood Meeting October 8, 2012

– MCNO 4th Annual Porch Crawl – Will be held on October 19th, Tickets are on sale now.
– Lafitte Corridor Update – Public participation is in its final stages. Final meetings will be held Tuesday and Thursday October 9th and 11th. Construction will begin early 2013 on the trail from N. Alexander to Basin Street.
– Mothership Entertainment, the company that brings you Bayou Boogaloo each year, is planning to replace 4 Live Oak trees on Bayou St. John lost or destroyed during Katrina and Issac.  The cost for each tree with a watering and maintenance contract exceeds $5500.  We’re hoping to get individuals and businesses to adopt trees.  They will get a permanent monument/plaque near the tree.  Planting will occur in November.
– There are Constitutional Amendments on Nov. Ballot. for more information please read the PAR Guide to constitutional amendments
– Update on 3600 Cleveland with Lieutenant Cambiotti and Sergeant Palumbo
The recent shooting at 3612-14 Cleveland Street was addressed at the Neighborhood meeting last night.  For those not in attendance, the NOPD representative, Lieutenant Cambiotti, stated that they are were actively investigating the shooting which left one woman injured. Near neighbors were present to discuss the event and the NOPD’s response which they said was quick. Neighbors expressed disappointment that the NOPD did not feel they had authority to shut down the party that may have precipitated the shooting event. Neighbors have contacted the property owner, Mr. Dr. Philip Rice prior to this event as this property has been a nest of chronic crime and a constant source of nuisance activity. Dr. Rice has not responded to previous requests. Another notification and plea was sent to him in the aftermath of this event. A copy of that letter can be read here: 3612 Cleveland nuisance landlord Philip Rice Letter.
– Candidates Running for Local Office
MCNO allows all candidates the opportunity to address the neighborhood organization prior to major elections. MCNO is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under the 501(c)(3) of the IRS code and is prohibited from participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. The following address the MCNO attendees:
Eric Strachan, City Council District B
Sandra Cabrina Jenkins, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal Judge
Sarah Usdin, Orleans School Board
– Brothers Gas station proposed at Tulane and Carrollton presented their designs. A discussion related to alcohol sales at the store devised a compromise from 24 hours sales to restrictions similar to those required by stores near schools and churches in the city. The proposed restrictions include: No sales of singles to be defined as 40oz or less sold individually; sale of alcohol to cease from 2am to 6am; no signs advertising alcohol sales on outside of building; interior alcohol display must not represent more than 10% of the total display area. An informal vote showed 11 for and 3 against these proposed restrictions. The MCNO Board will submit a final recommendation to City Planning this week.
– Claiborne Corridor Cultural Collaborative (C4) is looking for participants to complete an online survey regarding cultural assets in the Claiborne Corridor.
– Broad Community Connections: Jeff Schwartz is working with the New Orleans Universities and Google to get all New Orleans businesses online for the SuperBowl.
– Alliance for Affordable Energy continues to work with City Council and the residents of New Orleans to ensure fair and equitable energy rates in the City.

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