Misc. Help

The following list of helpful phone numbers and information is adapted from a mailing from Councilmember Stacy Head.
Debris Removal:
Homeowners should take their storm-related debris to one of the citizen drop off- sites for disposal. These locations are: 2829 Elysian Fields between 8 and 5:30pm or Crowder Blvd. at the I-10 Service Road between 6am and 5:30pm.
If you are unable to bring the debris yourself, call 311 to schedule an appointment to have the debris picked up. It should be removed within approximately 21 days.
Illegal Building:
If you notice that building construction is taking place that looks sub-standard or potentially outside of zoning laws, contact 658-7200 to report the problem and demand an investigation.
Illegal Dumping:
If you see anyone dumping illegally, please get as much information as you can, such as license plate numbers, and contact the Sanitation Department at 658-3800.
Street Lights:
Report any dark street lights to 1-800-ENTERGY.
Traffic Signals:
The Department of Public Works is now creating a punch list for missing or incorrect signage, lamps out, fixtures turned or missing. Please assist by providing such information to 311.
Illegally parked cars:
To have an illegally parked car towed, call 658-8100 until 11pm.
Pot Hole Repairs:
You can report pot holes by calling 658-2299. Please have the address of the location or the intersection where the pot holes can be located.
Public Schools:
Check out this guide to the confusing world of New Orleans Public Schools.

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