Mid-City Winn Dixie Update

Sterling Properties is currently under contract with Victory Real Estate to purchase two large parcels on Carrollton between Bienville and St. Louis St. (the long-standing blight known to residents as the former Bohn Ford and Harry’s Ace sites). Stirling plans to redevelop the parcels into a neighborhood shopping center, the Mid-City Market.
The project will be anchored by Winn-Dixie using the grocery chain’s newest model, which reportedly will include an outdoor produce market (with an expanded selection of local and organic items), an extensive wine selection with in-store wine expert, specialty foods stations ranging from a wing bar to a peanut butter machine, and sustainably raised beef and pork.
MCNO has formed a committee to work with the developers to promote a pedestrian- and bike-friendly site plan, a tenant mix that both reflects the neighborhood’s needs and includes local businesses, and an architectural design that complements our historic neighborhood. Friends of Lafitte Corridor and the Urban Conservancy are also engaged in the project and working alongside MCNO to ensure the best possible outcome.
Already, Stirling has agreed to close one planned vehicular entrance off Carrollton and make it into a pedestrians plaza. To view the latest site plan, Click here.
If you are interested in joining the Committee, please send an email to Jennifer Farwell, Mid-City Market Committee Chair, MCNO President, Director of Economic Development, at President@mcno.org.

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