Mid-City tear down

From the Housing Conservation District Review Committee:

Meeting Agenda
July 24, 2006
10 a.m., Room 7E07 City Hall
The owners of the properties listed below have made application to demolish them. Their applications will be considered by the Housing Conservation District Review Committee on the date described above. We invite you to attend the meeting to make your neighborhood’s position known. For more information about the proposed demolitions or to express an opinion, please call Maryann Miller at 636-3046 or email her at mmiller@prcno.org
134-36 S. Solomon St. Owner Biff Burk has applied to demolish this Neoclassical Revival shotgun double residence to be replaced with a vacant lot.

I believe this is the house at the corner of S. Solomon and Cleveland. A few months ago, a neighbor saw some guys taking the floors, mantels, doors and windows. When she inquired, he said he used to live there and the owner was going to tear the place down and said he could have the components. Now we have the application to tear the house down to be replaced with an empty lot which, I suspect, will become parking for Burk and Associates. We will see more and more of this.
Update: Map link

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