Mid-City Outreach Grant

The Mid-City Communications Committee is getting a boost in the form of an $11,000 grant from Mercy Corps. These funds will be dedicated to broadening the circle of inclusion within the Mid-City community. Remember, a healthy and safe community is one in which residents feel engaged. We will attempt to foster a sense of engagement through three projects:

  1. Flyers for distribution to all occupied Mid-City households.
  2. Posters to post at specific locations advertising monthly community meetings.
  3. Design, fabricate and install 10 small and 2 large “Welcome to Mid-City” signs. These would be located at key entry points to the neighborhood.

The proposal is available as a PDF [68 KB].
We’d like to thank MCNO VP Jennifer Weishaupt for her assistance with the grant proposal, and of course a big thanks to Mercy Corps for investing in our neighborhood.
Now we need a few Mid-Citizens to step up and help implement. If you’re interested, please try to make the next meeting of the Communications Committee which is Monday May 21, 6:30 PM at Bayou Coffee House (326 N Jeff Davis Pkwy). If you can’t make the meeting but would like to help, please leave a comment.

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