Mid-City Neighbors Receive 39 Historic Building Recovery Grants

The State has announced the recipients of the Historic Building Recovery Grants, and Mid-City homes were awarded 39 grants totalling $1.35 million. That’s an average of $34,000 per grant! Congratulations to all who received grants.
The Mid-City neighborhood was the second highest grant recipient, both in number and value of grants awarded. The Holy Cross neighborhood received slightly more, with 42 grants valued at $1.52 million.
For those who are not familiar with the grants, there were several posts on the Yahoo discussion group back in November when the program was announced, outlining the application process and criteria. In addition, Alice-Anne Krishnan attended the December neighborhood meeting and gave attendees an overview of the process.
If you were DENIED a grant, there is an appeals process. However, the appeal is due by Feb 23, so please act quickly. Appeals should be forwarded to Ms. Pam Breaux, State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), P. 0. Box 44247, Baton Rouge, LA 70804. Applicants wishing to appeal must explain why they believe their application should be reconsidered for funding. Letters of appeal must include the property address and the assigned grant application number. This number will be referenced in the notification letters.
In responding to appeals, the SHPO may:
1. decline to consider;
2. support the finding that is the subject of the appeal;
3. recommend reconsideration of the finding;
4. enter into consultation to resolve the issue at hand; or
5. overturn the finding and take such action as she deems appropriate.
Appeals must be in writing and received by the date specified in the notification letter.
LA-SHPO HBRG Program contact: 225/342-0227 or toll free at 866/406- 7043

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