Mid-City BBQ

You’re invited to an afternoon barbecue hosted by Miles Trapolin of the Mid-City Housing Committee, on Saturday, November 10. All you have to do to enjoy good eats and drinks is donate a few hours of your time the morning before the barbecue.
You see, the Housing Committee is staging a survey of the 350+ demolition candidates within the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization boundaries to determine their current status (demolished, renovated, reoccupied, or not) and whether or not the community supports their demolition or salvation. They’ve merged all the available demolition lists, and are mapping the addresses and dividing them into sectors.
They seek 16 volunteers, each of which will take a sector of approximately 25 houses and help evaluate them. This sector can be near your home or any other address you provide. You will be given a simple form to fill out that indicates whether or not a particular house meets or fails a set of criteria. You will also be asked to provide addresses for homes not on the list that you think should be.
As many of you know, too few blighted houses have been torn down and too many salvageable ones have gone by the wayside. This survey will enable us to determine, at a glance, where we stand. From that point, we will be better able to negotiate with the city to make Mid-City even stronger and better.
PLEASE donate a few hours of your time to assist with this effort. It can be a fun family effort, or an interesting morning spent with friends. We are planning to make a morning of it on Saturday, November 10, beginning at 9:30am at Bean Gallery. That will be followed by a barbecue get-together at Miles Trapolin’s house.
If you cannot donate time that morning, we can provide a list before then and you can turn in the results that day or beforehand. If you cannot do a full sector, we can give you half, or even better, you can find someone to split it with.
This is your chance to do something really important for your neighborhood, to express your opinion on a weighty matter, to meet more members and concerned citizens, and to have a great time doing so.
If you can participate, please email Jennifer Farwell at crescentlady@farsight.biz or Miles Trapolin at miles@trapolinlawfirm.com.

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