Mark the Date: July 7 Meeting

On July 7th at the neighborhood meeting, we will be debuting our housing recovery program, which targets property owners that have not returned with the aim of getting the house back into commerce through a variety of means.
We will be offering information (and asking help) on how you can improve the quality of life in your blocks.
A representative from Stacy Head’s office will be on hand to discuss the new code enforcement fining system, whereby people who do not remediate their properties can be fined and potentially lose their properties. We will also have some building and renovation-oriented companies on hand to provide information if you need it.
Not only are abandoned houses a problem for many of you, but so are owners who are rebuilding illegally and landlords who are renting to unsavory tenants. We will also have information on what you can do about that it was discussed at the last meeting, but we will also discuss it here.
On a separate note, we are surveying the entire of MCNO and identifying houses that have been abandoned as well as those that appear to have been renovated illegally or be in violation of zoning ordinances.
We need YOUR help to identify some of these properties early enough in the process that we can stop it. For example, were you aware that any property not renovated yet has now reverted to its original zoning? That means that if an historic double had been cut up into apartments without obtaining a zoning variance, the landlord cannot now legally come back and make it into a multi-plex again.
If you see this sort of activity going on, we need to know.
Spread the word to your neighbors, and bring written lists of the worst offenders in your block, whether it is blight, crime, or suspected illegal building or zoning activity, with brief explanations of the problem. Optionally, email them to
Working together, we can rebuild ALL of Mid City to be the prime neighborhood it deserves to be.
Jennifer Farwell
Housing Chairman
Mid City Neighborhood Organization
Meeting Time and Place:
July 7, 6:30 pm, Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal Street

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