"Lesbians Saved My Neighborhood"

[James] Arey only recently moved back into his home in the flooded Mid-City neighborhood.
“Lesbians saved my neighborhood,” he said. “That is absolutely true. I had to evacuate to Atlanta because our WWNO studios were unavailable. We broadcast via a PBS satellite from Atlanta. Lesbians snuck back into my neighborhood after hours and before hours.
“They harassed FEMA representatives, they stopped Red Cross trucks and got food and water for workers, they brought in supplies and gas masks, they stayed on Entergy…. They got into everyone’s house, with permission. They got out on the Web with the first pictures from the neighborhood. Anybody in that area that needed assistance, they were there to provide it.”
Mid-City likely has New Orleans’s highest concentration of lesbians, while gay men are more likely to live in the French Quarter, Faubourg Marigny, the Bywater and Uptown, none of which flooded.

— From Windy City Times

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