Kudos to the Katrina Krewe

Dear All,
Katrina Krewe will be winding down our twice weekly clean ups as of
Thursday, May 11th. Saturday, May 6th will be our last official Katrina
Krewe sponsored clean up, and Thursday, May 11th a clean up will be
sponsored by a large New York Company (to which all KK volunteers are
Beyond May, Katrina Krewe will continue with once a month clean ups. We will
begin shifting our primary focus on long term projects, such as our
education and public awareness campaigns. We will also be calling on
businesses with “Keep it Klean” calendars and asking them to utilize it in
assigning their employees to maintain their areas. So, please inform us of
any businesses in your neighborhoods that are open, and perhaps in need of a
calendar and a Katrina Krewe pep talk.
Katrina Krewe has done it’s best to give the habitable common thoroughfares
a boost. Our hope is that all the citizens of New Orleans will continue to
maintain those, and other areas, long term. We are counting on you to
continue organizing clean ups with in your areas. Katrina Krewe will post a
calendar of events on our website w/direct links to your organized efforts.
You will be responsible for all communication regarding your clean ups:
choosing a time and place, information regarding supplies (whether they’re
provided or volunteers need to bring them), and any changes. Katrina Krewe
will only provide supplies for our own clean ups. We will continue posting
your events on a twice a month basis, so you will need to turn your
calendars in by the 1st and 15th of each month. Our list goes out to
thousands of people, so please take advantage of this if you are interested.
There are many tourists planning to visit N.O. over the summer to clean, so
this will serve as a one stop shop for those wishing to volunteer. Please
remember we will not handle any communication regarding your events, you
will deal directly with all volunteers regarding your clean ups.
Please let us know of your interest and contacts/links as soon as possible
as this will require some time to get implemented. The board will meet to
discuss all those interested. Please feel free to pass this information on
to other organizations that might be interested.
Thank you for your dedication!!
Becky Zaheri
Katrina Krewe Inc.
Jenn Fallon
Katrina Krewe
‘neighborhood’ link at www.cleanno.org <http://www.cleanno.org/>
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