July 11, 2011 Neighborhood Meeting: Transportation and Infrastructure



6:00-6:30        Meet and Greet
Connect with your Zone Captain
Hot Dogs courtesy of Mid-City Neighborhood Organization
6:30-7:00        Announcements
Cm Susan Guidry on redistricting (10 minutes)
Construction and Redevelopment Updates – YWCA, St. Margaret’s, RSD plans for Fisk-Howard (5 minutes)
Cynthia Corrales, Greenlight New Orleans (5 minutes)
Alan Williams, Neighborland (10 minutes)
Upcoming Events

7:00-8:00        Transportation and Infrastructure
7:00-7:10         Megan Kelly, evacuteer.org – City Assisted  Evacuation Plan (10 minutes)
7:10-7:20         Chris Aghayan, Regional Planning Commission, Tulane Ave. redesign (10 minutes)
7:20-7:35         Dominic Moncada, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Regional Transit Authority: how to load your bike on transit bike racks, where to buy a Jazzy Pass, and more (15 minutes)
7:35-7:50         Geoff Moen, City Planning Commission, City of New Orleans – Lafitte Revitalization District and upcoming planning meetings involving community (15 minutes)
7:50-8:00         Jen Ruley, Department of Public Works, City of New Orleans – major public works projects in Mid-City (including Lafitte Greenway) through 2014; also how to request and track street repairs (10 minutes)

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