Jeff Davis Cleanup

MCNO is proud to join the Big Easy Roller Girls for a cleanup of the Jeff Davis overpass this Sunday. Read on for details.

My name is lacy smith, also known as lacy underalls of the Big Easy Roller Girls. We are organizing a clean up of the S. Jeff Davis Parkway overpass by Xavier and would love for you to join in.
Although the bike path running in the middle of the overpass is a great way to connect uptown and mid-city, it is often littered with trash and glass, making it dangerous for cyclists. As a group that understands the need to have a hazard-free surface to roll on, we rollergirls want to clean it up!
The clean up will take place on October 19 at 11 am. We will meet at the statue at the foot of the overpass on Tulane Ave. We’ll bring some push brooms and trash bags, but encourage everyone to bring their own brooms, bags and dustpans. (In the event of rain, we will reschedule).
We’re inviting Critical Mass, NolaCycle, Tulane Law School’s Environmental Law Society, Metro Bicycle Coalition and you! Please pass this along to anyone that may be interested.
lacy underalls
Big Easy Rollergirls

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