Housing Committee – Special Meeting

The Mid-City Housing Committee is moving its monthly meeting to this Saturday, October 20, at Bayou Coffee House, located at 326 N. Jeff Davis Pkwy.
It’s a bit of a strategy meeting to prioritize and plan how Mid-City Neighborhood Organization should work, moving forward, to encourage the city to tear down more blighted homes and preserve more historic homes.
Also, what efforts we should consider regarding directing the rebuilding process, given that we are outside a Historic Districts Landmarks Commission, and what strategies might help get some of these homes out of the hands of uncaring owners and back into commerce.
At the meeting, we will also preview the Mid-City-specific housing database that gives us a snapshot of what historic homes are threatened — and what blighted ones are being addressed or ignored — for anyone’s perusal.
We welcome any and all input from all Mid-City neighbors on what they would like to see for the future of housing their neighborhood.
If you have ideas, we invite you to join us from 9:30am – 10:00am for the public comment period of the meeting. If nothing else, stop by, say hello, and give Bayou Coffee some business!

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