Homestead Exemption Cheaters BE WARNED

This house in the 400 block of S. Pierce St. has been claiming the Homestead Exemption since 2005.

Some residents have claimed that property owners of abandoned houses in their area are claiming homestead exemptions even when it is obvious that they are living elsewhere. With all the budget woes in the City right now, we want to make sure that those who claim the homestead exemption actually deserve the exemption. If you want to report a property that is unjustly receiving a homestead exemption please send the property information to Edith Brown at the assessor’s office at Include a request to be informed of the results of the investigation and your name, e-mail address OR fax# OR Telephone number, and Ms. Brown promises they will let you know what they find out.
For more information on Homestead Exemption Rules in New Orleans Click Here.

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