Halloween Porch Tour through Mid-City

Porch Tour top porches

1) #26 3438 Cleveland Ave The House Of Cleve, with 49 votes

2) #2 200 N. Anthony St Disco Zombie 2020 with , 32 votes

3) #15 239 S. Pierce St Cadaver Castle with 31 vote

Thank you to all porch hosts for participating and everyone who participated for enjoying the tour with safety in mind of these challenging times.

Born out of the uncertainty of its time, the Mid City Porch Tour was established during Katrina recovery in order to rally community spirit and embolden civic pride. Neighbors banded together and opened their homes to welcome fellow neighbors and highlight the good things Mid City has to offer. It was so successful and engendered so much good will that MCNO continued the tradition to this day.

This year we face the uncertainty of Covid-19, but the Porch Tour will soldier on. MCNO is coordinating a Mid City Halloween House Tour to showcase the best, brightest, and/or spookiest decorated homes in our neighborhood! 

Join us for a tour of the spookiest, kookiest, most creatively decorated homes around Mid City from the safety of your car or sidewalk. You’ll be able to vote (digitally!) for your favorite home, with the winners announced at the MCNO general meeting on Monday, Nov. 9.
The Mid City Halloween House Tour spans Friday, Oct. 23 through Saturday, Oct. 31. Make your own route through Mid-City and vote for your favorite by texting ‘MCNO‘ to 504-386-3444 and entering the corresponding porch number. Voters will be entered into a random drawing for gift certificates to Finn McCool’s Irish Pub and Junk’s Above with the winners being announced at the November 9th MCNO Community Meeting.

Porches that receive the most amount of votes receive





Huge thanks to Creative Roam for their fantastic design services

Thank you to The Mortuary and Junk’s Above for donating prizes