MCNO Formal Position: Support the Mid-City Market

The MCNO Board voted this month to support a one-way traffic crossing at St. Louis Street just above S. Carrollton Ave. This site is currently under design, but in order to sign Winn-Dixie as an anchor, the developers needed a concession from the Neighborhood and the City to create the traffic crossing of the Lafitte Greenway. While MCNO has been a significant advocate of the Greenway and the rights of pedestrians and cyclists, the potential of losing the long awaited redevelopment of this parcel in Mid-City would have been a greater detriment to the neighborhood. MCNO continues to work with the developer, Stirling Properties, to ensure the crossing of the Greenway is safe.
For more information please read the MCNO Letter of Support Mid-City Market and Greenway Crossing which was sent last week to City Council and the Mayor’s Office.
According to Stirling, all financing is in place for the redevelopment of this area. Stirling is exploring every opportunity to minimize the impact of cars crossing the Greenway, including:

  • Flashing lights
  • Signage stating that pedestrians have the right of way
  • A large gateway arch like that used at the pedestrian entrance to signal cars are leaving the project
  • A dip in the road as they leave, so when they go onto the greenway it becomes like a large speed bump
  • Patterned concrete that will create the effect of a rumble strip on either side of the greenway so cars are jogged a bit as they enter and leave the greenway crossing. (Think: Magazine through-street over the Audubon Park running trail.)

The project will generate 300-340 new jobs and bring the city millions of dollars in tax revenue each year. It is the largest multi-tenant retail project in New Orleans since Katrina, and it is in Mid-City. This unequivocally pronounces that “Mid-City has arrived.”    This project has been so well-received that Panera Bread  is making this its commissary store for the other Paneras in the metro area. So, they will be filling the air with the aroma of fresh baked bread and Mid-Citizens will get the freshest soups and sandwiches possible. Ruby Slipper is likely coming in, as well.
Please bring your comments and concerns to the next MCNO Neighborhood Meeting or leave them below.

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