Draft Land Use for Master Plan

April Neighborhood Meeting (April 6; 6:30pm at Grace Episcopal, 3700 Canal Street) will focus on the Master Plan. Come and Share Your Opinion!!!
The official District 4 Planning Meeting is Wednesday, April 22, from 6-9pm at Jesuit High School.

On Friday, March 20, planning firm Goody Clancy posted the Draft Master Plan. The proposed land use map for District 4, which includes Mid-City, is here.
The Draft Master Plan is a goldmine of information on the city and its historic and current physical environment. However, MCNO needs your input to determine whether the proposed land uses are appropriate for our neighborhood. They do not match up completely with the land uses proposed by the citizen-guided Lambert Plan.
Specifically, Goody Clancy proposes “low-density multi-family” for all the residential areas of Mid-City other than a small area on the City Park side of Bienville and Carrollton. “Urban Mixed-Use” is proposed for the Tulane Corridor and the Lindy Boggs site. For Canal, “Neighborhood Mixed-Use” is proposed.
After speaking with planners from Goody Clancy at length on Friday, March 27th, and examining the Land Use document posted with the Draft Plan, we have determined the following:
1. “Low-density multi-family” allows up to 36 residential units per acre;
2. Neighborhood mixed-use allows a mix of uses (e.g. residential and commercial), with a FAR (floor to area ratio) of 2.0. FAR is a measurement of the number of floors allowed compared to the amount of space the building takes up on the lot. For example, a two-story property that takes up half of a lot would have a FAR of 1.0. A FAR of 2.0 allows a two-story building that occupies the entire lot, or a four-story building that occupies half of the lot.
3. Urban mixed-use allows a mix of residential and commercial, with a FAR of up to 8.0. That allows a building of up to 8 stories if it consumes the entire lot, or 16 stories if it consumes half the lot.
If we do not provide sufficient input to Goody Clancy, the final land use and zoning will not reflect our desires!!!
Please attend the Neighborhood Meeting on April 6 and provide your input, then plan to attend the District 4 meeting on April 22!!!!!
Jennifer Farwell
Vice President

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