Donation Application

At the discretion of its Board of Directors, and on a rolling basis, the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (“MCNO”) may make small donations to nonprofit organizations located in and/or primarily conducting its activities within the boundaries of the MCNO. To be eligible for these donations, please complete the attached Donation Proposal Summary Sheet with the required documents listed below attached, e-mail a courtesy copy of all required materials to, and print and mail two printed copies of all required materials to:

P.O. Box 791023
New Orleans, LA 70179

Required Materials:

  • Donation Proposal Summary Sheet;
  • A copy of your current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) or other tax-exempt status, or that of your fiscal agent;
  • A line-item budget listing exactly what the proposed funding would be spent upon. List key staff positions separately and include the percentage of their time spent on the project. Be as specific as reasonably possible;
  • A narrative of no more than three pages that addresses the following topics related to your organization:
    • History and mission;
    • Current programs and accomplishments;
    • Target population, including geographic location of the people you serve and the location of your activities (MCNO will prioritize organizations whose work benefits the residents of Mid-City);
    • Overview of your organization’s structure including board, staff, and volunteer involvement;
    • If applying for general operating funds, describe how these funds would be used;
    • If applying for funding for a specific project/program, describe:
      • The project’s purpose and the population you plan to reach;
      • The strategies you will use to implement the project;
      • The names and qualifications of the people who will implement the project; and
      • The project’s timeline;
  • and a list of your Board of Directors.

Additional Notes:

  • MCNO may request additional information at any stage of the application process.
  • Please type all proposals and answer all applicable questions in the order listed.
  • You may submit additional materials, such as a brochure or annual report, if you like.
  • MCNO does not provide donations to individuals or for-profit institutions.