Letter from Stacy Head Regarding District B Appointment

Dear residents of District B,
I wanted to express my pleasure in serving and representing you and your needs for the last six years.  When I decided to run for the vacant At-Large seat, I assumed that if I won, there would be a seamless transition with the appointment of an interim District B Councilmember until the November election.   I presumed that you would never be without District B representation for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.
I nominated Errol George for the interim position because of his intellect, work ethic and integrity, as well as his background in urban planning and his prior government experience.  If his nomination by the majority of the Council is ratified, he will be an excellent representative for District B.   I am a “hands-on” Councilmember.  Therefore, my main focus in choosing a nomination was to assure that District B constituents would continue to receive proactive, energetic and consistent representation, ensuring that your needs from local government are met.  Errol is willing and able to fulfill this commitment.
To provide my colleagues comfort with my recommendation, Errol met with all of the Councilmembers in order to introduce himself and answer any questions they may have regarding his nomination.  Concerns relative to his residency in District B were promptly answered by documentation evidencing leases with HRI Properties for the last six years in District B.  After meeting with every sitting Councilmember, he and I were both given the impression that he was supported by at least five of the six Councilmembers.
I am dismayed that two of our colleagues on the Council are blocking Errol from serving District B.   It they are dissatisfied with my nomination, it is appropriate to attend Council meetings and vote as such on the matter. Instead, there has been a failure to attend Council meetings, depriving the Council of a quorum, which in turn halts City business.  Their actions could allow the mayor to ultimately appoint the District B representative.
We have all been on the losing side of votes.  In those instances, we attend meetings, articulate why we are voting against the majority, vote, move on, and continue to conduct City business.  At no time in the history of the Council have members decided to boycott meetings and voluntarily halt Council responsibilities.
Although direct District B representation is currently lacking, I assure you that as the At-Large Councilmembers, Councilmember Clarkson and I are looking after District B with special attention until an interim is named.  In addition, Eric Strachan, who served as my Chief of Staff is in the District B office, is fielding all constituent requests and needs.  I look forward to putting this situation behind us and continuing to work for you and all citizens as an At-Large Councilmember.  New Orleans is poised to shine brighter than ever, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead of us.
Stacy S. Head
Councilmember At Large
Please send an email to zonej@mcno.org and MCNO will pass on your notes to City Council OR contact City Council members individually. MCNO has sent a request from the neighborhood to fill this vacant position immediately before the appointment opportunity is lost and forwarded to the Mayor’s office. MCNO has not taken a position on Mr. George, but feels it is very important for District B to have equal representation on the Council as soon as possible.
Bonnie Garrigan
Vice President, MCNO

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