Mid-City Crime Walk May 29th 6pm

The First District NOPD will be hosting an Anti Crime Walk in Mid-City on May 29, 2013 @ 6:00pm. The Walk will start at Ulloa & S. Pierce and continue down Ulloa to S. Carrollton, turn right on S. Carrollton, down S. Carrollton to Baudin, turn right on Baudin, down Baudin to S. Scott, turn left on S. Scott, down S. Scott to Banks, turn left on Banks, down Banks to S. Pierce, turn left on S. Pierce, down S. Pierce to Ulloa….. End………Total ten (10) blocks.
Please join us to show neighborhood unity and pride as we march with police officers (and possibly a band!).  Wear comfortable shoes, water will be provided.
See you there.

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