Ant Saturday

Mid-City resident Mr. Brock writes the following:

Myself along with others have notice a growing number of ant homes on the Jeff Davis bike path. I walk my dog every morning on Jeff Davis. Today I notice a larger number of ants homes up and down Jeff Davis. This creates a large problem, from our dog, to people standing too long in one area trying to talk to one another and child trying to play. Therefore I am ask for your help on Saturday October 27 @ 8am! I am looking for volunteers to help me purchase ant killing powders and spray, then help with placing the powder and spraying on the ant homes.
We will be meeting at 8am on Jeff Davis & Bienville.
If your interested in volunteering/ or donating ant killer powder or spray on Jeff Davis at 8am, please call me Brock at 504.758.6899

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