ALERT: Pack of Wild Dogs in Mid-City

We have just received information regarding a pack of dangerous wild dogs in the Mid-City area, most recently in the 100 block of S. Scott St. The incident occurred on Monday, July4th between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m. when a neighbor was awakened by a disturbance in their back yard and observed 3 dogs, one being a dark colored, huge rottweiler, the second a light colored German Shepherd mix and the third being a mutt attacking a neighborhood cat. The cat did not survive the attack.
The Mid City Security District and SPCA have been notified, and Officer Frank has confirmed that this is the second report of a cat being killed by a group of dogs that match the same description in the last 2 weeks in the same general vicinity.
Please be on alert and report any similar observations to the Mid-City Security District.

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