Accepting Donations for Auction to Benefit NOPD

The 1st and 3rd districts of the NOPD are accepting donations for their annual auction. Please see the information below and the forms attached to donate your item and help support NOPD in your area.
First District Donation Form
Third District Donation Form
To donate an item, or several items, simply fill out the Auction Item Donation Form for each item and drop off the form and the item(s) at any Gulf Coast Bank Branch.  The item(s) must meet a minimum and/or combined value of $50.00. For intangible items (i.e. vacation rentals, business services, etc.) please provide a certificate or letter stating how items/services can be collected/redeemed.
All items will be posted to the auction website ( for public viewing just prior to August 1st through the end of the auction, August 31st. Generally, all gift cards, trips, and items valued above $150 will be auctioned online and items valued between $50-$149 will be auctioned in the branches.
Donors may choose the non-profit to receive the proceeds from the sale of each of their donated specific item(s).  The designated non-profit’s information must be filled out in full on the item donor form to insure the timely disbursement of the funds.
Unsold items will be returned to the donor upon the conclusion of “Auctions in August”.
Minimum bids are not recommended, but may be placed on items at the request of the donor.  This information must be specified on the donor form prior to the start of the auction.  Any items that do not receive the minimum bid must be collected immediately by the donor.
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust cannot issue statements regarding tax deductible donations.  Tax refundable donation statements must be requested through the non-profit the item is supporting. We can issue a letter for the non-profit as needed stating that an item was donated on their behalf.  Requests for these letters must be done so at the beginning of the auction and will be supplied to the donor no later than the end of the auction, by email or mail.
If you have any questions regarding donating an item for the auction, or how the process works, please send an email to or call Sheila Englert at (504) 412.2018.

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