8/20 City council agenda set to vote on Parkway name change

Transmitting Street Name Change 1/20 – Consideration of
renaming the entirety of South Jefferson Davis Parkway to
South Doctor Norman Francis Parkway; to change the name of
the divided, four-lane section of North Jefferson Davis
Parkway, extending from Canal Street to Lafitte Avenue, to
North Doctor Norman Francis Parkway; to change the name of
the undivided, two-lane portion of North Jefferson Davis
Parkway, extending from Lafitte Avenue to Orleans Avenue,
to Moss Street. The commendation of the City Planning
Commission being “FOR APPROVAL”, subject to an effective
date of 1/1/21. Cms. ALL, Cn. Deadline N/A.
MAY BE RECEIVED. (Suggested Hearing Date Set For 8/20/20).”

Public Comment
Because of the unprecedented logistical and public health challenges presented by COVID-19, public comment will proceed as follows:

  • Only written public comment will be allowed. Live comment will not be permitted.
  • At the beginning of the meeting, the moderator will read aloud the entire agenda. If the agenda includes a matter on which a vote is to be taken, the meeting will recess for 30 minutes so that members of the public may provide written public comment on any agenda item. If no vote is to be taken, public comment criteria may be modified by the presiding officer.
  • Public comments should be submitted electronically using the E-public comment form available at https://council.nola.gov. Only fully completed online forms will be considered.
  • No member of the public may submit more than one written comment per agenda item.
  • Before the Council votes on an agenda item, a moderator will read into the record all comments pertaining to that item that have been submitted in accordance with these rules.
  • Comments will be read aloud in a normal speaking voice. The moderator will discontinue reading a comment once it exceeds two minutes.

Any person seeking accommodation as a result of a disability or other circumstance should contact Council Chief of Staff Paul Harang at paul.harang@nola.gov.

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