MCNO Board Position on Two Mid-City Demolitions

The New Orleans Neighborhood Conservation Districts Committee meeting will be held Monday, June 17, 2013 at 2:00 at City Council Chamber (1300 Perdido Street). Several Mid-City Properties will be considered on Monday’s NCDC agenda.
MCNO has received overwhelming support for the City Code Enforcement recommended demolition of two properties which appear on next week’s agenda.
The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization has developed a strict policy to assess demolition requests.  This policy requires that MCNO consider the architectural significance of the structure and the impact of its removal from the historic streetscape.
The MCNO Board has voted to SUPPORT the requested demolition of 713 S. Genois and 3525 Gravier St as recommended by City Code Enforcement and supported by near neighbors. Neighbors with opinions on these or other properties are encouraged to attend the NCDC meeting on June 17, submit an opinion to NCDC, or comment below.
The formal position letters can be downloaded here:
713 S. Genois Demo MCNO Position Letter of Support – NCDC
3525 Gravier St. Demo MCNO Position Letter of Support – NCDC
To view other properties in our area on Monday’s agenda, visit PRC’s Blog Page.
4620 Baudin St. – Code Enforcement
2630 Cleveland Ave. – Code Enforcement
713 S. Genois St. – Code Enforcement
3525 Gravier St. – Code Enforcement
2501 St. Peter St. – Code Enforcement

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