Zoning Meeting

A neighborhood meeting will be held Saturday, Oct 27 at 12 noon at Bayou Coffeehouse (326 N Jeff Davis) to discuss a request for zoning variances at 118 S Jeff Davis.
Discovery Kids, Inc operates a daycare center at 128 S Jeff Davis. They are seeking to expand the facility to 118 S Jeff Davis. Four variances are being requested:
1. Allow a daycare center within 300 ft of an existing daycare center
2. Waive two of the three off-street parking spaces
3. Waive the requirement to enclose a front yard parking space
4. Waive the requirement for an on-site drop off zone
Because of the variances, this is also a conditional use. The City Planning Commission voted to disapprove the variances. One nearby neighbor opposed the variances at the CPC meeting. The matter is to be heard by the City Council on November 1st.
The MCNO Board voted to support the variances provided 13 conditions were met. Seven conditions were proposed by the City Planning Commission staff (#1-7); six additional conditions were proposed by MCNO
1. Rear yard shade device to code
2. Play equipment located above a soft surface to code
3. Minimum 6 ft opaque fence around play area
4. Trash storage area enclosed with minimum 6 ft fence
5. Participation in a litter abatement program
6. Remove and landscape an 8×18 ft section of paving in front yard
7. Curbside drop off zone, subject to approval by DPW
8. The owner to lease two additional off-street parking spaces
9. The owner to provide an off-street drop off zone or provide van service
10. Hours of operation at one daycare center be limited
11. The owner cannot further expand daycare in the block
12. The owner cannot apply for any other conditional use in the block
13. The conditional use cannot transfer to a new owner/tenant
Discovery Kids agreed to all of the conditions. Since then, additional nearby neighbors have expressed opposition and asked MCNO to reconsider its support. MCNO and Councilmember Head are seeking neighborhood input on this matter.
MCNO Board Members Doug Pease and Brenda Napolitano will be facilitating the meeting.
If you are unable to attend, and have specific issues you would like to raise, please leave a comment.

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