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Zoning Input Meeting – Input Requested for Those Near N. Scott

For residents or business owners residing in the area bounded by Canal, Orleans, Carrollton & Jeff Davis, MCNO would like to notify you of an upcoming Zoning Input meeting, to be held Thursday Sep 24th, 6:30pm at Grace Episcopal Church (3700 Canal Street)

The properties of interest are 3903 Iberville, 3901 Toulouse, and 635 N. Scott; specifics follow. If you are unable to attend, but would like to provide input via email, please contact

3903 Iberville – Corner of Iberville & North Scott, currently a partially vacant lot, Zoned RM (Residential Multifamily), with a small single-family home facing North Scott – The applicant requests to build 2 new construction two-family homes facing Iberville Street. This request requires a waiver because it will allow 3 main uses on one lot of record.

3901 Toulouse – Corner of Toulouse & North Scott, Zoned RD (Residential Double) – Request to change to B1A zoning (Neighborhood Business) to allow a wholesale bakery.

635 N. Scott – North Scott between Toulouse & Orleans, Zoned RD (Residential Double) – Request to change to a zoning which will allow 25 units (each between 600-700 square feet with planned sales price of ~$100K+ per unit). Preliminary indication is that they are also proposing demolition of the double next door at 631 N Scott to allow parking and access to the rear of the property. This was previously a non-conforming use as an apartment building and has recently been cited by Code Enforcement for blight.

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  1. Frank Rabalais

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to weigh in, as I cannot attend tonight’s zoning meeting.

    My wife, my daughter and I have lived for the past four years in the American Can Apartments. I am very familiar with the blighted, 50s-style apartment building located at 635 N. Scott. It is about two blocks from my home and is surrounded by mostly well-kept, modest doubles dating to the 1910s and 1920s. It is also across the street from the gigantic, circa 1960 PEL Hughes printing facility, originally constructed by the American Can Company as a warehouse and employee parking structure.

    635 N. Scott has sat gutted and abandoned since we’ve lived in the neighborhood (since November 2005).

    I am in favor of the building’s conversion to condos, as I support home ownership. I am not especially perturbed by the 25-unit size, as that was about how many apartments were in the building beforehand, I’d estimate. I view the conversion of a 25-unit apartment building into a 25-unit condo building as a positive development, especially since the apartment building has been vacant for nearly four years and is the only vacant structure around. The building is also close to the Carrollton Spur of the Canal streetcar line, so having two or three dozen more nearby potential transit customers to support frequency of service is a good thing.

    I am less inclined to support demolition of any adjacent structures to afford easier parking access. 635 N. Scott was built with a large penetration in the front facade specifically to accommodate vehicles (rather like a 1950s-style motor hotel). This should suffice, in my view. If the clearance is too low to allow for gigantic SUVs, too bad. They can park on the street. Given the above-mentioned good transit connections and the nearby Rouse’s, it’s possible some of the buyers won’t even own vehicles.

    Best regards,

    Frank Rabalais, MPS, MBA
    Tax Credit Consultant
    Crescent Growth Capital, LLC
    201 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 4205
    New Orleans, LA 70170

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