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Summer 2006 Newsletter

The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization’s newsletter for Summer 2006 is available as a PDF file [download -- 372 KB]. Thanks to the authors and to Natalie for putting it together.

4 responses to “Summer 2006 Newsletter”

  1. Amy Rini

    Thanks for the info on the plans for the Norfolk-Southern RR but what are the plans for the cleanup of the piles of debris and trash that grow by the day? Is there a number for the RR? As a member of the pre-Katrina City Park/Orleans group, we were in contact with the RR when the fence went up on St. Patrick and Conti, but I can’t get through that old number. The Corps has repeatedly told me that they do not pickup on privately owned commercial/industrial properties. So who’s responsible?
    Amy Rini
    Toulouse Street

  2. Ginger Brown

    Amy,you read my mind!Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder who is going to pick them up.I’m worried about what to do with it and who is going to pick up the properties if they don’t.I hope someone has then answer.

  3. Sara Lenard

    This was a summer newsletter.I think if you all still don’t know the answer you need to contact the Corps and see who is responsible.

  4. Jona C.

    I’m worrind about people who didn’t come back and those houses are so moldy and dusty.It makes me disgusted thinking about it.

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