Neighborhood-wide meetings: second monday of every month at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street at 6:30PM.

Mid-City Historic District

The Mid-City Historic District is bounded by Bienville Street to the I-10 Ponchartrain Expressway and City Park Avenue to North Derbigny Street. The federal government exempts all historic properties that contribute to a National Register from the elevation requirements imposed on homes after Katrina – no matter how badly damaged they may be.

The City of New Orleans has now accepted this fact. If you own a historic property that is more than 50% damaged, per the city, you do not have to demolish it, and you can renovate it with elevating it first—even if Safety and Permits has told you otherwise.

If you choose to elevate it without the approval of the State Historic Preservation Office, you may lose your eligibility for preservation tax credits and grants and your flood insurance may go UP. (Historic properties are eligible for the lowest possible flood insurance rates. If you elevate or alter the structure so that it loses its contributing status, you no longer qualify for that discount.

Before you elevate (or substantially alter so that it loses its historic nature) a historic property in Mid-City, please contact the HDLC (504-658-7040) or the State Historic Preservation Office for recommendations.

If you would like to learn more about FEMA’s rules for hazard mitigation in general, click here.

If you need further information or assistance, email with the address of the property in question and ELEVATION in the subject line. We can confirm whether or not your property is contributing and lead you to resources that can provide more assistance and information.