Neighborhood-wide meetings: second monday of every month at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street at 6:30PM.

For Residents

On this page we will be posting a number of resident resources, including response mechanisms for residents to report problems and blighted properties, help decide whether or not elevation of their property is required or a good idea, and more.

To report a variety of qualify of life concerns other than abandoned property, click here

To explore the federal guidelines for renovating and elevating historic property (and why elevation can be a bad idea), click here.

To report abandoned, blighted property, click here. All reported property goes into a spreadsheet that we submit to the city on a monthly basis.

To download our code enforcement form in PDF format if you prefer not to submit the form, click here

For information on the city’s code enforcement progress, including scheduled hearings, reset dates, and results, click here

To download a letter you can send to code enforcement, click here.