Neighborhood-wide meetings: second monday of every month at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street at 6:30PM.

Property Action Guide


1. For basic information about a property use the New Orleans Property Database online at This will show you the owner, parcel data, zoning, flood elevation, tax bill number, and more. If you click Property History it will take you to the property listing on the NOLA tax assessor’s website.

2. Visit the tax assessor’s site, to check for homestead exemptions, blight liens, past due taxes and more.

3. To find out about permits or upcoming hearings about a property, visit Recent items may not be in the database.

4. Property ownership records can be reviewed as the Orleans Parish Conveyance Office, 1340 Poydras Street, 4th Floor. 592-9170 Also, the City of New Orleans Real Estate Office, City Hall: Open Between 2 and 4 p.m.

5. If you can get a property owner’s name and/or current address, you may succeed getting contact info by searching online with a 411 or white pages, doing a reverse look up using an address.

6. If a company owns a property and you want information about the company: Go to the Secretary of State’s website and check the corporations database at

You may find a contact here, and you can find out if the corporation is in good standing or not. With blight and property negligence cases, anything that is out of compliance shows a pattern of disregard for the state, the city, and its citizens.


To report a blighted property, residents should call 311 or (504) 658-2299

• After the Department of Code Enforcement issues a code enforcement violation on a property, a public hearing is held where property owners are commanded by law to appear at the Code Enforcement Hearings Bureau and bring printed evidence of any work in progress or completed work to bring the property into compliance with the City code.

• Hearings are open to the public, and MCNO encourages community members with any relevant information about a property or property owner to attend the hearing for that property and offer testimony. Neighbors are most directly affected by blighted conditions and thus neighbors who attend hearings can really change outcomes in Code Enforcement Hearings. More about the City’s blight fighting process is available on their website

• To find out information about individual properties, add properties to a “watchlist” to receive real-time email alerts as cases progress, visit

• To contact the Department of Code Enforcement for hearing information: (504) 658-5050.

• MCNO has an Abandoned, Blighted Property Report Form for residents. We do not handle blight enforcement for residents; rather this is for our recordkeeping purposes.

• Report tall grass, rodents, vagrants, and other environmental health issues to the City Health Department by dialing 658-2500, or in person at 1300 Perdido Street, Room 8E18.

• For suspicious activity (vagrants, drug deals, etc.) associated with a property use the Non-emergency Police Number – 821-2222

• To contact the Police District
• First District – Phone 658-6010, fax 658-6342, 501 N. Rampart St.
• Third District – Phone 658-6030, fax 658-6249 – 1700 Moss St.


1. All legal construction or renovation activity should have a building permit posted. If there is not one, this is enough reason to call Safety and Permits. They are located in City Hall, Room 7E07 Phone 658-7100, Fax 565-6143. To find construction permits, go to,

2. Check the city’s permitting system for building permits. Go to, click through to Orleans Parish and the new permitting system, and then search by property address. You do not have to put in the full address, but be sure to back the search dates up at least a year.
• If permits exist check each to see if they cover the activities being conducted.
• Check the age of permits. After six months, you must apply for a permit extension or it expires.

3. If a permit is not on file, has expired, or does not cover the activity, document it with pictures. Report it to Safety and Permits and cc and If you do not get a response from the city, follow up with MCNO (the email addresses above) for further assistance.

4. If the property owner appears to be converting the property into more addresses (e.g. additional apartments) or to a use it has not had since Katrina, this is likely not legal. All properties not yet reoccupied have lost their right to uses not specified in their zoning (called a non-conforming use). You can confirm zoning and other property details at Follow up with your Zone Captain.


(loud parties, abandoned vehicles, performing auto repair or detailing in streets, suspected drug activity, violent or threatening behavior towards others)

A. Call the Non-emergency Police Number – 821-2222
Contact the Police District Directly –
First District (Major Sandifer) Phone 658-6010, fax 658-6342, 501 N. Rampart St.
Third District (Major Marchese) Phone 658-6030, fax 658-6249 – 1700 Moss St.
Talk to the 1st District Quality of Life Officers Kenny Gill and Kristie C. Lavigne (504) 658-6010 or 3rd District Quality of Life Officer Patrick Smith (504) 658-6030

B. Contact your Councilmember(s) office on requests and ask to speak with the person in charge of Constituent Services. Notify them if you do not see a response to your original filed complaint.

Susan Guidry – District “A”:, 658-1010
LaToya Cantrell – District “B”:, 658-1020
Stacy Head – Council President:, 658-1060
Jason Williams – Council Vice-President:, 658-1070


Put the Owner of Problem Properties On Notice

Write the property owner(s) and put the owner(s) on notice of problems with the property. To ensure notice, send the letter by certified mail (see sample letter)

Send pictures. Give details. Get as many neighbors as possible to sign off together. Inform the property owner of potential liability for damages to nearby properties and residents due to condition of the property.

This is very important. If you choose to pursue legal action, you must prove in court that the property owner knew or should have known of the condition of the property.

If the letters come back unaccepted, you can still proceed. There is a duty by the property owner to know the condition of the property. Deliberate ignorance is not a defense.

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